EcoPure – A brand created out of love, health and a life full of fun moments…

EcoPure – A brand created out of love, health and a life full of fun moments…

AS is the norm in any healthy relationship, with both partners working in the world of corporate…stress, ambition and money is all the rave for a better future….

Yes, definitely, No Maybe….so we decided ours was not going to be one about corporate but rather taking back what we seldom have on a more permanent basis…

Fun, laughter, going to the gym, social outings and wow, did that change our lives…

But you see, with age, you only get older, the good looks and weight does get impacted but we still wanted to be our very best ALWAYS …so we needed something to remind ourselves that with the enjoyment of life also comes a need for a healthier lifestyle to look good and feel good …. For our own sanity…yeah, we human too …

Our love story has since ended sadly, but the great symbol of our best moments… and there many to live a fun filled life coupled with a healthy lifestyle to always be and look our best resulted in the creation of :


“ Live EcoHealthy, Stay EcoYoung”

Share the love, share life and become part of EcoPure because life is an Epic Journey ..

Our Products

Benefits of our Products

EcoPure is you- it cares for YOU

Your well being matters

EcoPure is active body, active mind

I’m ahead of my game ALWAYS

EcoPure is Integrity

It matters to you and so it does to EcoPure

EcoPure is a survivor

Water is life. I am a winner against all odds.


750ml EcoPure Still